Electronic Components

Our company specializes in providing electronic components to manufacturers. We offer many different types of products to our customers.

  • Nichicon - we provide high quality capacitors from Nichicon, Japan. Our professional Nichicon sales representive are always at your services. 



  • Intergrated Circuits -  we provide many other kinds of ICs at low prices, just send us an inquiry and our staff will find the best products with the lowest price for your needs. We can also provide parts with your custom-design circuit for a low price.  


  • Diodes - we carry an assortment of products from Zener diodes to Schottky Barrier rectifiers.


  • Transistors - From bipolar transistors to MOSFET, our products are sure to impress even professionals in the field. 


  • EEPROM - with the growing trend towards near-field communications, our company also carries a growing number of EEPROM products, just ask our sales representatives for details. 

  • and many more products.... 

Please feel free to contact us or sign up to our mailing list in order to get more information from our representatives.